June 21, 2012

Degustation de Couleurs at Vanessa Bruno Boutique in Beirut

If you're looking for another great excuse (besides the 30% off) to shop at Vanessa Bruno, you can visit the shop to check out the latest photo exhibition...Twice a month, a new photographer is invited to display his work inside the universe of Vanessa Bruno.
Yesterday was the opening of the "Degustation de Couleurs" exhibition by Sayde Jabra., a young Lebanese photographer, whose work I have come to Love. The pieces were insanely colorful. I want one on my wall. Allow me to tell you that I love the boutique, and I felt like I wanted to run away with every piece! Even the chandelier (I would probably end up doing something with it too). I really can go on and tell you more - but I urge you to go and have a look. It's Gatorade for your eyes and fashion direction!

Not only do I want every piece from the collection but I also really love the boutique!!
With Alicia Zahr, Brand Manager of Vanessa Bruno and Athe
More and more of Vanessa Bruno...
Delicious colorful macarons in the spirit of the current exhibition

Ahhhhh, I really love everything!!

Check out this photography exhibition at the Vanessa Bruno boutique in Downtown Beirut until July 9 from 10 am to 7 pm.


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