May 3, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

I was jumping around the apartment today, when I saw this video of Anna Dello Russo as the next collaboration with H&M. When you watch it and see the ginormous fashion cabinet she is living in, you will understand why this got me all so excited. Besides you all clearly know her love for accessories. She was spotted wearing the Jil Sander veiled beanie during the fashion weeks earlier this year and clearly and as she says it too, she is a fashion victim with a big thing for accessories. Who else would have pulled it off so glamorously?? So let's just hope that this collection is a slice of what she showed us from her wardrobe! A sneak peek of the designs is available above, and the entire collection will be in stores as of early October. Seriously, nothing could have rocked my fashion sense more today! 

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