September 2, 2014

About Last Week

Taking pics with an iPhone is really one of the best things that came from technology. Why?
Because it's now so easy to capture moments and keep memories forever. 
Whenever I'm feeling down or uninspired, I look back at the photos on my iPhone and see a random mix of family, boyfriends, trips, food, fashion, friends etc pictures and it instantly reminds of how life can be beautiful and how I should be grateful.
Here are some cool (and totally random snaps) of last week. 

My sexy co-pilot on a very busy morning running around. 
When I bought this bag back in Madrid last year,  I was kind of hesitant between this blue/gray color and cobalt blue version. I'm SO glad I chose this one, because it literally goes with everything in my wardrobe. (Read about the 5 bags every woman needs)

August 29, 2014


Summer is almost over. We can feel it with all the expatriates leaving but the main indicator for me, is less wedding invitations! I guess it was time for me to write about Lebanese weddings. Don't get me wrong, I love Lebanese weddings (most of them) and I truly respect the mafia people behind these big events. However, lately I have been feeling that some people who are getting married focus so much on the event itself forgetting about the rest of their lives together. 


- You can NEVER and I mean never wear the same dress twice. Remember when you posted 435 selfies at the previous wedding wearing your red dress? 

August 28, 2014

20 Random Facts About Us

As you know by now, this blog is our little baby and it's the platform through which we share our ideas and thoughts. 
This time we decided to share something a bit more personal and thought it would be fun to write some random facts about us. 

Hope you enjoy :) Click to read more.
xx TCC