September 22, 2014

What I Want to Embrace This Fall

First and foremost allow me to apologize for the bad picture, like bad angle picture, it is the fault of my mirror and for that reason I have decided to invest in a new one hopefully soon. Thing is, I was really rushing out of the house to a meeting and I really felt the urge to take this picture. As of now, my pictures shall be in much better quality and background. Promise made to you, you, and you. Everyone who knows me knows how I rush to seasons, embrace trends, buy them, and then lock them away until it actually pours (if its winter) or the sun shines till your blind (if its summer) and the likes for whatever is between the seasons to wear the goods, dress up in them. This fall and contrary to my old habits I have decided to embrace the moment. If we are having some global warming over Lebanon then I have decided to go ahead and wear my greys, embrace my leathers, and make the most out of the autumn trends. What I am obsessively loving this season are leather and skater skirts and plaid shirts paired with cardigans. And last, I am dying for a fedora. It's the season to be merry and wear one. Oh, am also loving cutout boots as well as chunky heeled ones. No! Am not loving everything but I have decided to invest in the previously mentioned few key pieces and of course man other things. Check out the items I have handy on this collage. Look at them. Embrace them. Or simply wear them like I am doing even if its still practically still acceptable to be in bright green or yellow. No more locking away, promise to bring you out.


September 15, 2014

We Survived the Juice Up Challenge

snapshots of the 3-day detox

Ladies, as social media has probably told you we took the 3 day Juice Up Detox challenge and I must admit we were in for quite an adventure. The six of us teamed up for this challenge for various reasons. One was doing it post summer break, one was doing it to really really detox the inside, and so on. Sandrine and I had been wanting to do this for a really long time and now seemed to be the perfect time. I had given up on my last two stubborn kilos post pregnancy and Sandrine needed to flush the summer excesses away. We were both quite stressed pre-detox, because it actually does take it toll to realize you will have to spend a few days with no actual food. Click to read more.

Let's Talk About Teeth Whitening...

I am sure you have all been down that lane. Following the article we wrote few weeks ago, how to look polished, at all times, teeth cleanliness/ whitening/ hygiene… falls somewhere there. I can not imagine people who run by this issue. I have really tried several things. Some of which I did not really give a chance because they were too time consuming, too complicated and some which because the results would take forever, having a happy smiley face means everything. And if you have a smile that is not so attractive, then I might have a solution for you.
Meet Sensodynes True White, the newest member of the family. Needless to say, I don’t have to introduce Sensodyne but looks like this new fella is about to be an addition to your family too.
This new member, is proven to prevent stains and work on stain removal with an ultra low abrasive formula. So it’s like much more gentle on your teeth than other whitening formulas. And in case you are scared of having sensitive teeth then look no further because True White is formulated for sensitive teeth anyhow.
So peeps what do you say? Look no further? I am gonna give this a try and will communicate my results back with you. It is as simple as 1.2.3 just brush your teeth twice daily for optimal results and forget about those long costly dental visits.