July 29, 2014

Do You Need a Pair of Stan Smiths?

Let me give you a bit of background details about this post.
To answer the question in title. Yes you do.
I am in a love hate relationship with these pair of shoes.
And this post is dedicated to my hubby out there, you will soon find out why.

July 25, 2014

Vintage Jewellery

Summer is really a time where I love showing off the jewelry am wearing. Sun tanned. Showing off some skin. Deep plunging necklines. You have it all to be wearing your favorite piece of jewelry. It is totally the trend to be sporting vintage ones. On your arm, ears, and wherever good finds can go. But hey! These family heirloom jewels? Oh, yes how beautiful. Nothing says it as good as family heirloom jewels gone down from one generation to the other. It's like wearing sense and style. Sandrine has been sporting this bracelet gone down from her mother. I love this ring passed down from my paternal grandmother. And Lana, our frilogger (friend and blogger) picked this gorgeous pair of earrings down at Portobello. They are YSL and who knows maybe they were owned by the Queen of England. Now dig down well your mother or grandmother's drawer or the garage sale down the street, who knows!

July 22, 2014

Summer Bikinis Kiinis

Let us talk summer and bikini. Let us talk about them together. Let us talk about Kiini. No I did not forget the Bi, nor did I add an I. Cruising the web needs talent. And I consider myself extremely talented at that! Meet my latest obsession. The new super power in my life. Kiinis. While cruising the web, from one blog to the other, to this website, a whole lot of effort, and two hours later, am totally hooked and in love. I love those Kiinis. So what are they? Their website says it all. Here is a piece from them:

"KIINIs have superpowers and the point you put them on, it changes your life...
All KIINI bikinis are handmade...
At KIINI you will also find accessories that competes the summer look and the KIINI spirit. 
For fun, stylish, magical, and eternal summers"
It is with much enthusiasm that I look forward to wearing one. I can't wait to land my hands on them! I love the fact that they have super powers, could they be like tucking in he hips? What i also love are their accessories that go hand in hand with your kiini.