October 21, 2014

9 to 5 Chic

A closet full of clothes and yet nothing to wear. 

Sounds familiar? Especially, in the morning when you're in a rush for work and nothing seems to fit anymore. My solution? Basics, again and again.

October 20, 2014

The Easiest Outfit

Now that Fall is here and temperatures are slowly dropping, the best styling trick I've learned so far is LAYERING. 

Prevention & Awareness for Breast Cancer Are Key

Last week was pretty much exciting. Events events and so many things in between. We are working on a new section, compiling its latest details, however amidst all that we have not forgotten our responsibilities. Our responsibilities as citizens, as bloggers, as fashion fanatics, but most importantly as women. And above all that we have not forgotten to share it with you.
It does not happen everyday where the so called serail goes pink! This October 15, the Serail, with all its masculinity and heritage, was transformed to pink. Pink for the month of October, pink for Breast Cancer. I was very happy (and proud) to have been part of the launch of this year's national campaign to combat breast cancer for early detection and prevention. What I loved even more was this year's motto which read in Arabic "Bit zakrak bi kel chi, zakera bil sour el shou3a3iye" which basically means, she reminds you of everything, remind her of the x-ray. So ladies, awareness is essential, prevention is key, spread the word, and may you all be Blessed with health always.
Happy Monday! Happy Week!