October 24, 2014

Bon Weekend!

My plan this week end is to have a haircut (really need it!) and a yummy sunday brunch like this one!

photo from @sincerelyjules instagram account

October 23, 2014

The Closet Clause App is FINALLY Here!!!

The Closet Clause mobile app is finally available on the App store and we couldn't be any more proud or happier!! After weeks and weeks of hard work, our baby has finally made its way home. To design this application we opted for a very simple and user friendly design. Our main aim was to let our followers read our latest posts, browse our history, and stay in touch with us in every possible way. So now simply click on the link below to download it here for your iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch!

Wait, it is not over yet. Click below for a sneak peek on what the app looks like, feels like, and what it will get you doing.  

October Beauty Favorites

October is really the time when you need to give yourself a break. Just like your closet. Clean. Test. Fall in love. Repeat or not. Am talking about your skin. Your beauty regimen. And this October I have made sure to have done that. I hope you enjoy what we have picked for you. Of course tried and tested.

Filorga Eye Cream
This eye cream is really not cheap. But sometimes some things come with a price. I really love this eye cream that beats puffiness, black circles, and wrinkles. Results are immediate, just within 10 days after use, you can tell the difference. And the texture is light and not sticky. I bought it from the pharmacy next door.

eos Lip Balm
This egg like structure is no Kinder surprise, but heya! SURPRISE, what's inside is really amazing. It's based and infused with shea butter. It's creamy and rich but not sticky. The feeling of immediate hydration to your lips is priceless and it is really long lasting. What I really love though is the shape. You clearly will never lose it again in another purse. They call them the smooth spheres. LOVE! It is not really available on the market here however I grabbed mine from O&C, funny yeah? Online here.

Aurame Beauty Bar
This is the new beauty bar you must have. First and foremost I am extremely proud to claim that this is something made in Lebanon. This revolutionary soap is made from goat's milk which is rich in lactic acid that works on rejuvenating the skin. It improves the general texture of the skin and promotes collagen growth. You need to use it daily and it is recommended for face and body. However I am big fan as to using it in my night time routine, I never wash without it. You want that glow, well yes now you can have it. You can find it at pharmacies like Le Gabriel, Nail Spa in ABC Achrafieh, or simply online here.

Phyto Cinq Mondes Lotion Phyto Peeling
Ok! Ok! So this gets me very excited. I only discovered this last month and I am high on it. So basically after I give my face a fresh wash with Aurame Beauty Bar, I wipe it with this baby. It's an amazing product also made with natural ingredients like fruit acids. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, not sticky or itching at all. At the same time it gives that illuminating feeling. Day after day you will feel the marvels it does for you. Strongly recommend it. I bought mine from Pharmacie Le Gabriel.

This discovery is really great. For a really long time I have been looking for a powder/ concealer/ something that will cover in a very very VERY subtle manner and give a neat finish. And then I met this. I use a really light foundation, and sometimes not, so I dab this Maybelline powder over it with sponge very gently, and then finally just add my bronzer. It leaves me feeling light and healthy with a really great natural finish. I also love this color (02) because it gives a feeling of being there and not.

Remember every now and then your skin needs a lift. Pamper it. Treat it. And you will notice the difference. Treat it right and it will surely reward you back. If you care to try out these products let us know your opinion on them.

Happy Face. Happy You!