November 25, 2014

Cold Weather? Great Skin?

It's official. The storm has kicked in. Micha is here. We have our blankets out, getting all cozy underneath, but what is that doing to our skin? Before you even realize you are gonna get chapped, dry, skin. It's gonna cracks in your skin. Fight it. Dull dry skin hurts and feels gloomy. My two cents to you are really easy peesy. Stay well hydrated in this weather and moisturize. Many of us think that hydration is synonymous with the hot summer days. Well one of the basic and most important secrets to good skin is to properly hydrate our bodies 12 months a year. Moisturize, then hydrate, then moisturize, then hydrate. The hydration part has to seem easy. Keep a few bottles of mineral water close to you. The moisturize is easy too but I know that some good creams take their toll on your pocket. So how about you indulge in these few good moisturizers for less than $15 ?? The secret is to apply them after every shower and of course don't forget the fluids.

Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion You can find this at most supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty counters

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe You can also find this at most pharmacies and grocery shops

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion This is sold mainly in pharmacies and very few grocery shops

November 24, 2014

Royal Treatment at Le Royal SPA

We can't believe the year is almost over. This year was particularly busy for us, we were both running around like headless chickens. I was juggling a daytime job, AUB courses and expanding the blog, as for Tamar she was fitting in a baby into my life, a daytime job, a family and of course the blog. 

November 21, 2014

Happy rainy weekend loves!

Happy rainy weekend loves!

What are your plans this weekend?
All I want to do is stay at home, have a "Suits" marathon, eat yummy food and drink coffee!
P.S: I'm loving black and white stripes this winter. It's really easy to wear and such a versatile pieces that helps me on my uninspired days.