October 1, 2014

It Was About Time… The Closet Clause App is Coming Your Way!

We have been really excited about this post for quite some time now. We did not know how and when to start but hey! we decided to go for it. Today we bring to you news about the launch of The Closet Clause app. It took long hours of work and dedication and finally its (almost here - drum roll! patience please just a few more weeks) here! So yes an app, like an application, for your smartphones and tablets soon to be available on the app stores. 

We have designed it in such way for you to be able to read all our posts and stay in touch with us the easiest way. We did not want complicated navigation, tiring interfaces. We are also excited to tell you (soon - you will have to hold on a bit more) about a new section that we will be launching via this app. It really is exciting - no joke! 

The app will first be available on the Apple Store in just a couple of weeks!

P.S: Along with the App will come our redesigned blog with a brand new look! So stay tuned for all the goodiediedies ±±± 

September 29, 2014

The Electrofit Event by Trainstation at White Beirut

With Hiba, co owner of Trainstation

Last Wednesday was pretty much exceptional. Trainstation redefined everything about fitness. They had organized the second electrofit event at White Beirut bringing a new experience to you and the dance floor. That was not just the highlight of the evening, however all proceeds of this event went to MEEDA (Middle East Eating Disorders Association). The event brought together around a hundred of fitness enthusiasts. The music was played and administered by Stamina, healthy fruit juices were served around the bar, the fitness experts were exceptional bringing the best of their expertise, each one at his own turn. Hiba Safieddine, co-owner of Trainstation, fitness expert, and an eating disorder specialist, kicked off the night followed by workouts by Trainstation's three trainers: Nahi, Thomas, and George. This event is among the first of its kind in Lebanon. Trainstation has moved fitness to a whole new level combining fun, an appreciation for wellbeing, and a good cause together.
Hiba and Rafa, also co-owner of Trainstation, we can not wait for more of these events or just anything that you will bring about.