July 22, 2014

Summer Bikinis Kiinis

Let us talk summer and bikini. Let us talk about them together. Let us talk about Kiini. No I did not forget the Bi, nor did I add an I. Cruising the web needs talent. And I consider myself extremely talented at that! Meet my latest obsession. The new super power in my life. Kiinis. While cruising the web, from one blog to the other, to this website, a whole lot of effort, and two hours later, am totally hooked and in love. I love those Kiinis. So what are they? Their website says it all. Here is a piece from them:

"KIINIs have superpowers and the point you put them on, it changes your life...
All KIINI bikinis are handmade...
At KIINI you will also find accessories that competes the summer look and the KIINI spirit. 
For fun, stylish, magical, and eternal summers"
It is with much enthusiasm that I look forward to wearing one. I can't wait to land my hands on them! I love the fact that they have super powers, could they be like tucking in he hips? What i also love are their accessories that go hand in hand with your kiini. 

July 21, 2014


Despite all the bad news in our world, we still try to enjoy summer and make the best out of the hot summer days. If like me you're staying in Lebanon for the summer, take a staycation and visit new places in the country. 
If you haven't already visited Bonita Bay in Batroun, I highly recommend it. Places like these make you feel like you traveled to a tropical destination without ever leaving Lebanon.
Yesterday was my first time there and I'm sure it will be a summer favorite. 

July 17, 2014

Wire Hangers

As simple as this sounds and as simple as it looks, this piece of clothing related accessory changed my life. Am used to receiving my clothes on wire hangers like these from the dry cleaner. But recently my closet that fits my dresses (I hang them in a closet on their own) was jammed and too crowded. Nothing would fit, and hanging back something in place was a nightmare. Why? Mainly because I always thought these hangers were cheap and always opted for nice wooden structured ones. Well they kicked the space out of my closet and it was a nightmare fitting anything in. My husband pointed out that if I used these wire hangers my life would soon be in more bliss and we would reach destinations earlier (given the fact I fight time when I need to access something from this closet). And there it was. I replaced all my wooden hangers with these simple cheap ones (had to beg the dry cleaner for more). Everything looks intact. And you know what? I actually do have more space. So on another thought? I need to go shopping to fill that gap! 
Do not use these for nicely structured blazers though. A separate lesson for that.